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3 Questions For a Nutritionist (what are yours?)

... going to try again to get some assistance from my hospital staff on nutrition.

The last few attempts have been ... discouraging ...

It's very unfortuante that "professionals" in many g.i. clinics just don't believe in folks working on their own on targeted nutrition and/or supplements to help manage things.

i do understand that crohns can not be cause nor cured by nutrition alone ...

However, my wife and I have managed to gain some ground (and hold it!) by just sensibly working with Mother Nature

We keep excellent records on what we do and why,
... and straight up, ... they don't even look at them ...
(that's all im going to say on that, but damn does that make me unhappy!)

I want to try and finesse things a little bit more, so after some dismall sessions with the folks who "should know" about these things
... but don't even know what Turmeric is, or why it is a usefiull tool
(i got the "can you spell that for me" response from a clinic resource)

i made an appointmentt with my pcp clinics (general internal medicine) nutritionist, and I'm going to try again

Have any of you had success with this approach?

What are good topics to discuss?

What are good topics to avoid?

Thanks in advance!
Hey T bone,

I wouldn't get angry at the dr. You have to understand, that countries have so many rules and regulations limiting what a dr. can do. Insurance companies limit what a dr. can do. Dr.s are really in a tough spot when it comes to tough medical conditions. I don't fault the at all. Don't forget, every self entitled idiot out there is always looking to sue a dr for any little thing. They have to look out for their livelihood. So, they have to follow approved protocols. As of now, there only a few approved protocols like fodmap, etc when it comes to diet and nutrition.

I read someone on here say that you have to take control of your own health, I believe that.

I purely manage my crohns (for now) on supplements and diet alone. I have mild crohns, so I don't have to be as drastic.

I think supplementation has played a huge role in my success so far. I am terrified that any day everything is just going to go to crap! But, so far so good. Knock on wood.

With supplementation, it takes time, like months to see if it helps because it is not a drug. I think a lot of people try something and give up after a week. I am going on about 10 years of just managing with supplementation. This year as been the best. Zero symptoms. Thats not to say I don't have some silent crohns, but I have zero symptoms.

I think keeping logs of what you take an for how long and monitoring your symptoms is as good thing. I had trouble doing that with diet alone as it seemed like there was no consistent trigger. One day I could eat onions and feel great, the next day I would feel like my stomach was going to explode.

I still go to the dr, and he still tries to push the drugs which is ok. I just tell him not right now, lets reevaluate in the future.

My only complaint is wish there were better tools to monitor us that were cheaper. Like, I would love to be able to do a pill cam every 3 months. That would be awesome and really give insights on progression.
[QUOTE="CatLover63, post: 1034064, member: 445248
Hello, posting from the U.K. What I have found is that doctors don't like herbal supplements as they can be harmful to the kidneys and interfere with prescribed drugs.
Apparently, there is a Chinese Herb Disease.
Turmeric is big news as a wonder spice to have as a drink. Yuk. I was offered it at a Vegan Festival a few years ago but chickened out in case I got the runs.
Multi vitamins and vitamin D and your doctor won't disapprove. 😷
My GI actually recommended on my prescription Tumeric and Aloe vera (AMP 500 to be precise). Although AMP is expensive so I wonder if he had a stake in the company. I don't take the AMP because it is cost prohibitive and I am not sure it had any benefit, meaning, my symptoms didn't change at the time while using it. Apriso and AMP did nothing for my symptoms.

I think there is some bad publicity for Chinese herbs. Just go read the research docs from NIH. They have a lot of medical research on them. Like Wormwood is as effective as most other (non biologic) treatments for Crohns. Many of the herbs are just that, herbs. Its really just concentrated spices.