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40+ Years of Crohn's and various other annoyances.....

My story is a little long for a post so I thought I'd write a book detailing my experiences and, hopefully, showing that you can live a fairly normal life despite various long term conditions. It covers 40+ years of being treated for Crohn’s Disease by the NHS.

Well, it is finally complete and to mark World IBD Day on 19th May it is available as a FREE download here - http://www.wrestlingtheoctopus.com/…/Wrestling_the_Octopus_2020.pdf

If you’re at a loose end during lockdown then please have a read. It does have a happy ending (well it does so far 🙂) and is written slightly tongue-in-cheek. I’m sure that there will be quite a few experiences that we have all shared along the way. I welcome any feedback, good or bad.