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5-ASA and colonoscopy biopsy results

I am taking Asacol for left sided colitis detected 3 years ago. The symptoms were terrible then, the colitis was "moderate" but the biopsy results were not positive. The Asacol help alot. I still have occasional diarrhea, urgency and nausea but really very mild and not very often (once or max twice a week on average).

I had a colonoscopy last week and at the time the doctor said he saw very mild inflammation in the left side of the colon and also in the ileum. He wrote it in his report.

The biopsy results came back normal.

The doctor says I do not have inflammation (despite telling me after the colonoscopy that I do!). He wants me to come off the 5-ASA.

But seeing as I am on 5-ASA I would expect that the biopsy results are normal if the drug is doing it's work?

Has anyone else had nothing seen on biopsy after taking 5-ASA?