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5 weeks POST OP, pain at navel/redness

I returned to work three days ago.
I had a lap, resect done five weeks ago and felt well enough to get back to my old routines.
Well, three days now I've been working and the pain in my belly button area began this morning. It hurts to laugh, like as if it's a muscle BUT its now also red around it and may be bit swollen-so hard to tell. I felt around to see if it was hard underneath but that too is so hard to tell as I think it was hard to begin with-from the healing and scarring. It's tender to the touch. I am in a COMPLETE panic! I see the GI tomorrow, but I can't stop thinking about it. Is it a friggin' abscess??!?!?!
I just want this whole nightmare to be over with. Unfortunately, I know it will never be 'over' seeing as I am doomed with the shitty disease for the rest of my life (sorry, I am so miserable) I am so over it! I am looking for honesty-Is there any way it could be something that isn't an abscess?? Is it at all possible to have these sort of symptoms with it being something minor? Soooooo upset! :S:frown:
Hello Kacey,

Im so sorry to hear that you are upset and feeling bogged down with the disease. I really mean it when I say that I understand how it feels to worry after surgery about your incisions. I had an operation in May and 3 weeks later the laproscopic wound near my bellybutton went red and swollen. I was admitted to hospital and it turned out that it was a wound infection. Obviously it isnt a desirable thing to happen but it isnt related to anything internal and can be easily treated. For me I also had a 13cm incision (mine was open surgery) that was infected so had to have both reopened during a second op. But in your case since it is only your belly button incision it may just be quickly lanced to release the collection in your skin (if it does turn out to be an infection). I should imagine this plus a course of antibiotics would do the trick. My belly button incision healed up itself quite quickly and I have a nice little pink scar there now :)

I'm not saying that you definitely have a wound infection but I just wanted to relay my experience to hopefully alleviate your anxiety. I'm presuming you'd prefer this type of infection to anything involving your Crohn's. Sadly, wound infections can basically happen during any type of surgery. Another thing to mention though, when my belly button incision was red and swollen my sister was doing research to make me feel better. She came across some info that mentioned such symptoms could be an indication of a small post operative hernia. From memory, I think she said it seemed quite common in that type of laproscopic surgery. I really dont know anything for certain regarding that but thought Id just mention it incase you wanna have a quick read online and see if you can find anything. Alternatively your clothing could be possibly irritated your scar? Is the redness constantly there?

I really hope that I've helped in someway. I hate to hear people so upset. With Crohn's it can really feel that when it rains it pours. But we'll always find an umbrella in the end :)

Feel free to ask any questions :) Hope I havent scared you.

Healing hugs,

I really appreciate your reply. It's so hard to speculate what is going on, and I expect the worse these days since the surgery. My experience was enough to scare the pants off me, and I dread the day I return to the hospital!
Any infection is a set back, but you are right when you say that a wound infection would be preferable, I think lol...None would be preferable!!
Either way though, it keeps me from returning to work. and since returning to work, and I guess the week or two before, I've been feeling happier and somewhat normal. It would just be such a shame.
I read about a hernia, which is something I will address with the doc today.
I apologize for me such a downer!! I'm really and typically a very happy person. It's only until recently that this disease has caught up to me and has changed my outlook on life! Thanks so much