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504 plan

Does anyone have a sample 504 plan or know where I can find one for me to use when meeting with my son's school?
You will also need a letter from the GI with all of the accomodations that he will need.

Some of ours are: Extension of number of absences, more days to make up work, trips to restroom without asking, more time in lunchroom, permission to keep EN in a fridge at school, carry water to class, ...
Hi, I saw you posted your question about 504 plans back in January, so you may be all set by now. But, if you are looking to update it for next year, or if anyone else needs information about 504 plans for kids with crohn's disease and other chronic illnesses ...

check out: chronicaction.org

It's my blog, and I've posted a guide to 504 plans for students with chronic illnesses, and have links to several sample 504 plans, including my son's plan (he has crohn's disease, among other chronic illnesses).

I don't make any money or sell anything at that site (don't even have advertisements there). It's simply a place to share information and have discussions about improving the rights of people with chronic illnesses.

We had a 504 last year but this year we got an IEP. Not because she qualifies for it educationally but because of crohns. There is some sort of medical qualification. For us, the IEP is putting some of the reasonsibility in the hands of the district in making sure she is successful (ie she has to be getting 80 on the quarterly evaluations or the district is to doing their job). She is an A student so there is typically isn't an issue but, for example, she has been struggling with multiplication and then other math because missing school starts to snowball learning so we are utilizing banked tutoring time over the summer to strengthen her skills. We get 1 hour per missed school day. If she misses 5 half days, we get 2 hours since she often heads home early. This is from day one. we dont need tomwait and have her miss a ton of classes and then pander for help. before our IEP was set in stone this year, the 504 didnt cause them to be proactive and we were watching her flounder. For us, the 504 was a little to lax when it came to keeping her caught up with school. There is a lot more state standards for IEP. I think last years 504 got us tutoring but it was not so set in stone. Educationally, i felt like it was too flexible and easily pushable under the rug. It also includes the typical bathroom clauses, flexibility on due dates, stop test taking, and the ability to revisit as other issues arise like the 504. She is having major joint issues so this spring, we adapted it to allow for books and cello at school and set for home. Cello tutoring if she missed a certain number of classes. If she gets really behind, the teachers have the ability to forgo tedious projects in lieu of focusing on the important core. I think our district is very compassionate and I've heard other places shooting down the concept of an IEP for crohns (chronic illness in general) but it is possible. Alway hoping to have a time that it won't be necessary. Tuesday scopes will be our game changer I think.