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6 MP vs. Imuran

Hi All,

So I saw my doctor again yesterday and was told to try 6 MP. My concern is that I tried Imuran last time and was severely sick and from my blood tests it looks like I was developing pancreatitis. Has anyone taken 6 MP and been fine but have problems with Imuran? I am slowly running out of options in what drugs I can take. Please anyones response to taking 6 MP would be helpful.

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Sorry I am not much help but I have tried Imuran a few times and all the time it affected my liver, and then tried Mercatopurine (6mp) and the same results. Have you tried any of the biologics?
Haven't tried biologics yet. The doctor wants to keep that as a last resort. I am just really worried that I will try this drug and get the same results as the Imuran, which made me extremely sick Valentines weekend. He mentioned Methotrexate as the next option but apparently if I go on that I have to write off ever having another child and I am not sure I want to do that yet.
from what I understand one of the problems with Imuran is that people lacking in a certain enzyme do not process the drug properly. But 6mp is sort of like Pre Processed Imuran. It skips the first stage.

My GI is the same way with biologics. No point in trying them unless the Imuran fails. The cost is astronomically higher for biologics and they have their own set of issues.
Well the thing with imuran is that I was tested for that enzyme and according to the doctor my profile came back good for taking the drug so that is why he was so surprised I reacted to it.

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I understand your not wanting to be on risky drugs whilst trying to get pregnant. I think there are threads here with some on the biologics whilst being pregnant but I am like you.. why risk it. I hope the 6pm works for ya but I am thinking if it doesnt you will know right away. It did for me, I knew within a week or two of taking it...xmas 08 was a right off.. Good luck on what ever you decide! I am cheering for you to have a baby too!