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6MP blood level

I want to know what is the WBC and other important blood cell counts to be considered optimal for 6mp immunosuppression? I forgot where I have read them before and want to double check after my super busy Dr. Who has been monitoring my tests.
There isn't really an optimum level I don't think. It's more based on the level of the drug in your body and how you response to it than how low your WBC counts are. That said they usually don't want to have your counts being too low. For example my GI liked my WBC counts to be 4.0 or slightly higher. When I dropped to 2.6 I had to go off it for a couple weeks to let my counts get back up.
I do know that I've read that their is a range that they want to see your blood counts for the immunosuppression to be "effective". I don't remember if it was eosinophils or lymphocytes, etc... I could be going crazy or maybe read it wrong a couple of months ago.

You are correct about them looking for it to be too low I see that everywhere I read about crohns and 6mp. I also know that there is a 6-TGN test that shows the level of the drug.