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6mp for treatment - Hair Loss?

took my 1st 6mp dose today at 50mg. Was wondering if there is anybody who has not had hair loss as a side effect? And if anybody has ...how long into the treatement Did it happen? Was on remicade but it didn't work. I went on prednisone and I Didn't experience hair loss or any of the common side effects. Is there a chance I might not experience hair loss from 6mp as well? Doctor told me most of her patients didn't. I'm 16. Was diagnosed at 15. Hope people tell me there experience with 6mp. It would help lots. Newbie
I haven't heard anything about 6mp but my dermatologist told me of another patient she had with Crohns Disease that had their hair fall out.

I meant to say that Humira caused their hair to fall out.


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Hello Sylviaxyz. I've been taking 6MP for well over a decade and at most I've seen minimal hair loss. Many members who do experience hair loss have suggested taking Biotin to help combat it. I haven't noticed much of a difference either way yet my hair loss isn't really noticeable. There have only been a few members that I can recall who felt that it was noticeable on them but I know one of them personally and I don't see it. Maybe she had extremely full hair before.

The dosage is fairly low usually with 6MP. The higher the dose the more side effects you may have and possibly more hair loss. Keep in mind though that not everyone gets hair loss from it. I take 50mg and my hair was never really full so any loss I do have is pretty minor and I've been on it long term and plan to continue taking it. I hope it works well for you. :)