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7 years sick without the right diagnose please help

I’ve been sick for 7 years and I have been diagnose as a depression and some doctors diagnosed me as schizophrenia, I took antidepressant for years I didn’t feel any Improvement and I took Antipsychotic drugs for months I didn’t feel any Improvement so it means I don’t have depression or schizophrenia until now after 7 years I don’t know what I have
List of my symptoms are below
I have running thoughts I can’t stop thinking I can’t control my thoughts it’s very tiring me
My memory is working I keep remembering all the time I cant stop that
In my eyes I see reflection of images and things I cant stop that
I feel very bad feeling
Vey low in my awareness I feel like I’m in coma
I feel burning sensation in my entire body
I don’t feel the life
I don’t know how am i

i hope some one recommend me Psychiatric Consultants to send my symptoms online to help me to get the right diagnose i'm from egypt so mybe we don't have a good doctors here so i cant email Psychiatrist who can help me to get recovered i live in pain all my time i'm in bad need to some one who can help me
I have found a few methods that can help depression/anxiety and none of them involve any amount of risk other than they may not work for any particular person.

I had depression for decades and in treating Crohn's I accidentally cured it. In my case it was an imbalance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids. This was the main problem, and a low level of chronic inflammation was the other. I used Krill Oil to bring the Omega fatty acids back into line, and used Turmeric and Ginger capsules to lower inflammation.

That worked for myself, but did not have as big an effect on my sons depression and anxiety problem. It helped a little,but was not the whole answer. He had that repetitive thought problem that would paralyze him at times.

I had him try Rhodiola Rosea. It had a very positive effect on him. He does not go anywhere without it now. It works far better for him than any of the depression/anxiety drugs he has used in the past, and it does not make a zombie out of him as the drugs did.

These methods can be tried out with virtually no risk, and if they do not work, you are not out much. The Krill Oil, Turmeric and Ginger are all anti inflammatory and helps dampen Crohn's symptoms even if they do not directly help your other symptoms.

Good Luck

Hi abdul, may I ask do you have a diagnosis of IBD already? I can move your topic into a forum where it should get a better response, but if you don't have IBD or undergoing tests for it I really do not think this is the forum for you. As it is for folks with IBD or going through testing for it.
thank you StarGirrrrl but i don't have IDB my major problem is about the thoughts that i can't stop and my memory that running in my head which paralyze my brain to work normally