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7 years UC 4 Years Ostomate New guy

Hi, I'm Jorge and I have a LH ileostomy.
I was diagnosed with UC in '06 and we tried to medical route, but it progressed to pancolitis, so we tried a J-pouch. After a huge abscess at the anastomosis and going from 170 pounds to 125 they decided to divert and try to let it heal. it didn't so then we tried resections, and finally a pouchectomy. My last surgery the Pouchectomy was in 2011. Since then I've been slowly recovering and now and super active and healthy as heck with no meds to deal with. I take a loperamide once in a while.
I'm on this forum to meet people for one and then get ideas for what people use for super crazy activity. Like lots of bending and 200 sit-ups and olympic lifting and swimming and all that fun stuff.
As of now My setup is convatec products, with a stealth belt, and ostomy armor and compression underwear to hold it all in place. Problems come with a relatively flat stomach doing crunch and situps and the like I make a bunch of creases and the wafer pulls away from the stoma, so a device the folds well. I'm so open to suggestions.
Nice seeing such a large support network :)


Welcome to the forum! You have been through a lot but glad you are now talking about fitness. Have you checked out our stoma forum http://www.crohnsforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=46

I am new to the ostomy world but aren't you afraid of a hernia with lifting? Even with the stealth belt or guard i would be very cautious not to create a hernia or prolapsed stoma.

Anyways, nice to have a fellow ostomate join us.
NoGutsnoGlory, cool name but in my case it seemed that the glory came after no guts :rof: i crack myself up
thanks for the welcome.
Yes hernia is always in the back of my mind but i think thats why i lift without a belt so that any weight i put up, my abs can hold up and so far its been working. I think the scariest lifts as far intra-ab pressure is squatting and deadlifting i just slowly worked my way up from like a 100 pounds to 270. My goal is 300# with no belt.
Prolapsing, not really.
i've been skimming the fitness and stoma sections but am kinda looking for somewhere to jump in cuz I don't have the joint pains and swelling anymore.
Only pain is from a crazy workout somedays!!!