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~80% of autoimmune patients are women, why?

article lands a glancing blow on the reason -- sex hormones. namely estrogen and the improper clearing of it

estrogen is processed/broken down in two steps. the first step partially breaks it down into a HIGHLY toxic form of estrogen. the second step finishes it off, removing the toxicity. the problem arises when the second step doesnt keep up with the first step, allowing the highly toxic from of estrogen to linger. this is especially toxic to women that dont have daily bowel movements. estrogen ultimately gets expelled this way. letting it sit around in the colon is no bueno -- as some of the toxic can leech back into our systems.

in addition to gut health and daily bowel movements, two supplements to consider for help clearing estrogen -- DIM and calcium-d-glucarate

Why Nearly 80 Percent of Autoimmune Sufferers Are Female

Women account for an estimated—and astonishing—78 percent of people who have these disorders, which include See’s afflictions, as well as lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other illnesses in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks its own cells and tissues. Autoimmune diseases are now the fifth-leading cause of death in women younger than 65.

Why women are so much more likely than men to be plagued by autoimmunity has long been a mystery, but researchers are beginning to narrow down the causes: the different effects of sex hormones, of women’s X chromosomes, and even of the community of microbes inside us, which develops differently depending on sex.
My thoughts on the contributing variables are, lower vitamin d status because of a tendency to have more body fat, oral contraceptives with additives that harm the microbiome, less exercise when pregnant and taking care of small children or even worse nutrition for themselves during this time period, and possibly exposure to chemicals in beauty products and also a greater exposure to psychiatric medications that also have harmful additives.

Oh and they are also exposed to more antibiotics, which we now know are the most harmful to the microbiome:

Gender is a key determinant of antibiotic prescribing. A recent meta-analysis across primary care in nine high-income countries found that women received more antibiotics than men in all age groups except those >75, with women aged 16–54 receiving 36%–40% more antibiotics than men of the same age
great post wildbill. the oral contraceptives fall into the problems with estrogen too. megadosing the stuff is no bueno. antibiotics are the best advertising for probiotics -- they are everywhere, esp in our foods