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9pm maddie update & word from dr

okay well miss beautiful has been sleeping since 6. She is still running a fever. it is going between 101.4-102.3.

SILVER MOON- yes i asked the dr about the bloody diarrhea and he said if it worrys me to take her to her pediatrician when i get home. same for the fever. she has now had 3 bloody diapers.

we were suppose to stay in Vermont until thursday so she could see her GI if there were problems after wards but considering he wont see her...we are heading home early tomorrow morning to get her to her pediatrician.
i have already talked to them and they are waiting on her to arrive or me to phone them in the am.

we will keep you all updated.


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I'm really starting to dislike Maddy's GI!!! I'd say 3 diapers of bloody diarrhea is a problem!!!
He actually said "IF" it worries you??? There is no compassion in this man at all!!!
yes dexky The GI actually said "IF it worries you" And dont feel bad we dont like him much either. Right about now we think he is an ass.


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Hey guys,

I am praying that things settle down for Maddie and her problems are only short term side effects of the procedures. It is comforting to know that you will be seeing the paediatrician soon. I hope all goes well and will keep waiting patiently for your next post. Take care guys.......





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Please please please get her seen SOON about the bleeding...especially if she starts to act lethargic and/or pale...remember a child has so much LESS blood to lose than an adult......so what might not be a problem for you and me, could be life threatening for a child.....

I have had blood from previous colonoscopies, due to the amount of biopsies taken - but was ALWAYS told if there was a large amount of blood, and/or fever to seek medical advise....there could be complications from the procedure.....

Hope little Maddie gets feeling better soon, and you find a doc with a bit more personality!!!
yes dexky The GI actually said "IF it worries you" And dont feel bad we dont like him much either. Right about now we think he is an ass.
Hi gypsi, the doc does sound like a bit of a bonehead and certainly doesn't seem at all compassionate. If I were in your situation i would drop dr pantload as soon as you are able to find someone who could look at your beautiful little angel and really want to help her to feel better. Maybe a ride to a city nearby that has a hospital that is known for being the best in the area. Maybe a teaching hospital. My heart is breaking for you guys, i hope you are able to get through this asap. U all deserve better than this. Sending hugs and strength your way. please keep us posted as you are able- really feeling for you.:hug:
Hi everyone, It has been a long long night and day. We came home took maddie to her doctor here, they said to watch her and if fever does not go aways today or if she has anymore blood in stools to being her back in. Not a whole lot of help. They seem to think it is a reaction to stuff used to put her to sleep. They did deep sadation yesterday and normally she only has general. We did get fever to break a few times, but spikes back up shortly afterwards. right now she is sleeping and when she laid down she did not have a high temp.. we are just praying the fever stays down.
Thank you to everyone for the good thoughts and wishes. They are all appreciated.