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9yr old has no clue what’s going on

When I was about in fourth grade probably 9 yrs old my sister kept on having stomach problems and they would hurt her so much she went to the hospital a few times

My stomach hurt me really bad however my pain tolerance is high so I thought nothing of it and thought it was minor

I ended up joining my sister for one of her appointments and the doctor evaluated me and just said I think it’s minor alcoves take some medicine and you should be fine ( that’s what my sister had)

I was lucky to have the doctor I had in which still wanted to have blood work done and a stool sample to check
if there was anything else wrong

It had been a little while waiting for results I came home one day from school and my dad got a phone call and walked outside I heard him say hi doctor and I automatically knew

My dad walked me outside and said the doctor thinks you have cheongsam we need to go his office as soon as possible and then have test run