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A bit lost and confused

I was wondering if you still get flares with Humira?

I have been on it for around 8 months now, although it took a while to start working it has helped alot and I have felt great..however

I do still get times when I have issues with diarrhoea and stomach cramps which make me start wot worry that it has stopped working.

Is it normal to still have random bouts of symptoms while Humira is still working?
No, you need to talk to your GI and tell them you're still experiencing symptoms. Any level of symptoms in Crohn's Disease is unacceptable and means your illness is active.
Thank you

My bloods (done monthly) are fine and completely normal - does that not mean there is no active disease?

When I have spoken about it before with my GI he has suggested that I have IBS which is causing the crohns like symptoms.
Orchid, that is contrary to what is posted on CCFA. http://www.ccfc.ca/site/c.ajIRK4NLLhJ0E/b.6349443/k.8089/Frequently_Asked_Questions.htm
"Is Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) the same as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

You may have heard of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and wondered if it is the same as IBD. While often confused because their names are similar and their symptoms can seem comparable, the two are not the same.

Yes, both diseases affect the digestive tract. However, with inflammatory bowel disease, inflammation is the key characteristic. In irritable bowel syndrome it is thought that problems arise because of changes to bowel function or the way the brain senses what is going on in the bowel; inflammation does not play a role. It is possible to have IBS if you have been diagnosed with IBD. It is also possible to have just one or the other."

You can have both.
Thank you for clarification

I must be the only person in the world now praying I have IBS..lol:ycool:
There are a couple of people in the local crohns chapter that have been diagnosed with both. My kis' GI has said on a couple of occasions some symptoms present as IBS. But once you have crohns it doesnt go away or get 'downgraded' to IBS. I hear you on wishing it was something else. I used to think that until my kid was tested for Lupus. After waiting for that result I was happy we were just dealing with crohns.
I was thinking.....I started Humira around November 2012. Since that time I have not had a single flare. Fast forward to today. I am almost 200 pounds on a 5"6 frame. My appetite is out of control. I have gone to a protein diet and stayed of carbs. Ironically enough I am praying for a flare in order to loose some of this weight. I know that seems insane to want a flare. But- I had to give away a suit that no longer fits, I still need a new wardrobe, by skinny cloths are packed away. Its nuts! I even had a thyriod test _ normal.

My point to you guys is for some people Humira works. In my case, it works to well... :)