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A Brief Analysis on the Mentions of Side Effects on crohnsforum.com

The full article can be found here: http://bit.ly/14mR9gchttp://bit.ly/14mR9gc

This is the second part in a series of research articles focused on drugs discussed by IBD patients on crohnsforum.com. The concept of Drug Side Effect Ratio is defined.

The previous article took a look at what drugs IBD patients discuss on crohnsforum. This article examines the instances of the phrase “side effects” near the drug names. I collected Google results by using a site specific search then determined the percentage of mentions of “side effect” near the drug name.
Here’s an example, Google search: [“Remicade” “side effects” site:crohnsforum.com]. There were 6,250 results. From the previous article the total mentions of Remicade is 22,100. Dividing side effects results by total results we get 0.28. So the result is that 28% of the mentions of “Remicade” occur close to the phrase “side effects”. I’ll call this metric the Drug Side Effect Ratio. The higher the ratio the more we expect the discussions in the forum are focused on side effects.


The full article can be found here: http://bit.ly/14mR9gchttp://bit.ly/14mR9gc


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Thanks for posting kss. :)

Interesting to note that biologics have the highest rate in view of the fact that for many countries that have universal health schemes it isn't nearly as widely used as in the US. Perhaps that is reflective of the demographic of the forum.

As to trade versus generic name. Some countries, the UK for example, don't use trade names for their drugs.

Dusty. :)
Oh wow, good to know! I realized I see all these commercials that people in other contries don't but I had no idea about the drug names. Thanks.

So I guess in Australia you use both names? I see Sarah and Matt take Pentasa and Imuran. I didn't think to ask before but have you seen the bit I wrote on Azathioprine Withdrawal? http://bit.ly/PL03Je
I've been off now over 2 years.

If you happen across anyone else trying to data mine on forums let me know. There's so much information here! And I think it's all valuable and seems to be ignored amongst researchers.


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No I didn't see that kss. Thanks I shall have a read. :)

As far as I am aware the health system doesn't allow a choice in what drug is given, that is brand or generic, when it is purchased through the NHS??

In Australia when we fill a script through the PBS we have a choice of generic, which will lower the script price a little or going with the brand.

I shall let you know if I come across anyone.

Dusty. :)
I'm actually considering doing a similar thing using a tool like Splunk, though that'll probably require a raw database dump. Drop me a message sometime, I haven't had a chance to look in to the idea yet

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