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A day to celebrate!!

This is a little tmi. But I think it's really important to celebrate the things normal ppl take for granted. I've been very flared for over a year now and after a trip to mayo started taking Imuran 200mg. I started about 2 weeks ago now (will start my remicade back up next week) anyway with all of this stuff I haven't had a bm in over a week. I've been very nauseated it's been awful. Anyway today I had a normal bm! My first in a week and it wasn't weird was a decent size and everything. I haven't had a normal bm in a year. I told my husband we were going to go out and celebrate tonight lol. Also my Gi finally got my zofran refilled and they doubled my dose and gave me 70 pills! So finally I may make it through the day without wanted to throw up(my GI didn't have me work up to the 200mg dose of Imuran so I think this is all from adjusting to the med) anyway I hope everyone else is doing better today as well.
I think that we here are the few people who understand how celebratory it is to have a normal BM! :dusty: Hope everything keeps going well for you :)