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A few questions re: ileostomy

Hello all! I have a temporary ileostomy while the resection site of my colon heals(splenic flexure removed due to strictures). Since this is all new to me (2/16/16 was surgery) I have a few questions on some things I'm hoping you all could help with:
1. I'm eating low fiber/ileostomy diet and trying to remember to chew my food well(I usually wolf down food with disregard to chewing). However, I find that i will get a twinge kind of pain in the stoma area occasionally. I don't know if this is when thicker stuff comes out or if it's because I may still be inflamed from surgery. Or maybe I didn't give enough room around the stoma when i cut the pouch opening? It isn't a sharp pain but a twinge like needle pain(but not sharp). Not sure if anyone else has experienced this?

2. I'm having some trouble gaining weight. I came home at 100 pounds(5ft 7in) and did gain 5lbs but then lost 1.5lbs. I've been eating probably 3000-5000 calories a day(a whole 14" pizza, ice cream, etc) so I am not sure why the difficulty with weight gain.

3. I'm still getting the hang of the ostomy bag and figuring out what system I like and want to order(trying a bunch of samples). I've heard of people mentioning on the forum the filters clogging, how can you tell when that has happened? Also, what are your thoughts about velcro vs. clamp closure? So far none of the velcro ones have leaked on me but I hate putting that much faith in velcro!
People who have ileostomies usually do not do well with filters since the output is liquid and the filters clog quickly. I would never go back to the clamp. I love the velcro closures. I've found that Coloplast is easier on my skin than others, plus I developed a severe allergic reaction to Hollister after using it for several years. I heard from my Ostomy nurse that Hollister has (relatively) recently changed where the appliances are manufactured, and the strict standards we have in the States are not adhered to overseas. All I know is something changed and ate my skin.

You're recently out of surgery. You may still be swollen inside, as I'm sure your ostomy size is changing. You're right to eat slowly.

RE: not gaining weight. You will. You've had a massive surgery. Your body needs to get used to the changes...absorption included. Not to worry. Enjoy this time of being able to eat whatever you like and can tolerate. YAY you! lol You'll soon see a change in your weight.

Remember to drink a lot of water while you have your ileostomy. You're losing a great deal of fluid now. You don't want to get dehydrated.

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Hi Eridon. That twinge may be larger lumps of food. I had similar as i tend not to chew well either (oh dear naughty us). I did gain a little weight with my ileo but not a lot. Lost weight when i had it reversed . Id give my left arm to put weight on . Guess id lose the weight of my arm tho lol.
I used coloplast velcro fastening pouch for a year. Never had a leak via the velcro, even when it was blown up like a balloon..which happens when the filters clog.
Yes i agree with salad as regarding drinking plenty of fluid.
You need to check the size of your stoma each week as it will change normaly it shrinks . Keep about an 1/8th of an inch gap around it n your pouch.
You may expect odd twinge as your body settles from the surgery too,so dont worry to much. Please contact your doc or stoma nurse if your not sure about any pains etc . Hope you continue to do well.
Best wishes 💕Mandy