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A ? for the Females on Remicade!

My Daughter-In-Law has UC & has been on Remicade for 2 years now DXed just about 2 1/2 years ago. It's not working beyond 2 weeks now but that's a whole different problem! Anyway has anyone had their Pap Smears come back bad & needing a biopsy? She has done some reading that says it COULD be from the Remicade. Just wondering if any of the women on here have had any problems that could be from the Remicade in that area & any insights or things she should be asking her Dr. tomorrow. She got the news today about the pap from the gyno & tomorrow is her GI appt..
It also could be from HPV, a virus that about 70% of women will contract in their lifetime. It can lay dormant for years before causing problems. I had abnormal cells once. Well before I was even on remicade. It was easy to treat and I had a pap every 6 months for a couple years after. Try not to worry. Its usually nothing serious.
Wow the same thing has happened to my daughter, 20 years ol. She statrted Remicade this year, papsmear abnormal. It was normal last year before Remicade. She has a dr.appt tomorrow. We are both freaking out..
Ive been on Remi for 3 years and had abnormal paps for 2 years. They had to do a few colposcopies (biopsies) in that time. Im happy to say that the last few have been within normal range. My Dr stated that it could be CD/UC related because the inflammation of the colon can put pressure on that area. Also, she said that my whacked out immune system could play a part in it. I asked about Remicade, but she said that that'd be the last thing to do it before the other two I mentioned above :) Hope this helps!
Thanks, scheduled for cyro soon. I think that the Remicade suppress the immune system so much and the inflammation is detected. She is only(daughter0 20 years old. I think there should be studied and researched a little more. Prior papsmears were normal, until Remicade this year.
Yeah it's hard to determine. I hope it doesn't progress. Mine stayed stable for 2 years, then my pap in march was clear. So weird! At least she's doing the right thing and gettin it checked. Who knows what Remicade does to our other systems, that's the scary part. At least it relieves Crohns/Colitis.