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A good sleep for a better life ! Personal experiment

HI friends,

Hope you all are doing fine. Its been long since I was here. By God's grace I am still doing great without much problem. Just want to share a little experiment that did.

While I have been fine most of the time in recent years. Lately did experienced a lot of acidity and that affected a lot other things like sore throat, and heart burn but that's also mostly under control. It happened primarily because of my c unhealthy new routine, Waking up at night till3 , eating late, not eating on time , sitting posture with my notebook, etc. That actually led to a lot of acidity and related issues which again lead me to try and search what I did wrong..apart from changing back my routine timings, a major thing that I introduced was sleeping extra hours. I slept full 8 hour at night and I slept an hour at noon everyday. Initially it was difficult as sleeping at noon didn't help much to get sleep at night but slowly I adapted to it. Now the results I got made me really happy. Not that I had any major symptom that got improved, but what I want to tell you all is, that it improved my general health (digestion, energy, weight, etc) a lot. The biggest difference that I noticed was my mental health. I am way less stressed even when working late hours and I feel more energy and am smiling more. One big noticeable difference to others is my skin seems to glow. not that I want that but I like the compliments. I know this is not an experiment experiment, but I tried it and it helped..so I thought to share. This is all under excitement, so please pardon if you find this silly :p. I guess everyone wants to give back to the forum in their own way as it was my saviour during my bad days..so yeah :). But always glad to be back to the forum. Don't know when I might get the time to come again..but wish you all a great health.

Sleep is definitely a major player. The first year and a half of being a parent was incredibly rough, and it really only started improving when she started sleeping through the night. Would love to have the chance for a mid-day nap. I think my students might just notice something though!


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Thanks for the update Sid.I think most people would benefit from a goodnights sleep.
I know I do.Nice to see you and keep well.


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I'd love to be able to sleep 8 hours a night, but as I grow older this gets increasingly impossible. Right now my limit is 6 hours. After that my brain boots up and there is no going back to sleep for the rest of the morning.
I was diagnosed with Illeal Ulcers last year and my doctor kept me on TB medicine. After one year again colonoscopy done and now Doctor says its Crohn's.

I dont have Diarohhea , or fever anything apart from Stomach pains.

Is this really Crohns ?

I am taking Budez-CR( 3times) and Pentasa(2 times).

Is there someone who is following Ayurveda for the treatment and not taking Allopathy and doing well.??
Thank you for sharing your personal experience. Hopefully, after reading this, people will understand how vital it is to sleep enough. A couple of years ago, I slept only 3-4 hours at night, and most of the time I spent working. I had a stressful job, but they paid me well. After two years of working non-stop and lack of sleep, I faced some serious health problems. Surprisingly, I didn’t make enough money to pay for my treatment and recovery. I quit my job but left with a bunch of problems. I decided that I have to change the quality of sleep. I googled different methods on how to help me with the lower cost. Now, I have a special routine before I go to bed. I usually practice yoga and drink herbal teas 2 hours before I go to bed. Also, I changed my pillows and mattress. Besides, I finally received my new weighted blanket I heard that it helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
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Plenty of sleep is key to keep the crohns at bay, a nap I find helps that can be frowned upon by some.

But Churchill napped daily, also in Spain and some other hot medertaranian countries a siesta is the normal.

Crohns is fairly low in Spain maybe a mix of sunshine vitamin d, a Mediterranean diet and a daily siesta is good for general and crohns wellbeing.
Thank you for sharing. I’m actually going to try this. I definitely need a nap, sometimes I think I nap too long or too late, but noon seems reasonable.
I am napping every day, and although it didn't help with Crohns it did help with the overall well being. When you wake up after the nap you should feel completely refreshed, like waking up in the morning. The biggest advantage to me is the gain of time. For less than 30 min of napping in the afternoon I gain about 1.5 hours of time in the evening. Instead of going to sleep at 10pm (when I don't nap) I usually go to bed at 11.30pm (with the nap).

Now there are two important things:

1) You need to train to fall to sleep fast. This took about 2 weeks for me. You lay dawn for a nap, close your eyes and even if you don't fall asleep just keep doing it. Your body will learn after a while. I now fall asleep within minutes.

2) You need to find out how long to nap for. This is very important. Use an alarm to wake you up. If you sleep for too long and go into a hard-sleep stage cycle, you will wake up tired. I experimented with the duration and for me the max time before entering the deep stages of NREM sleep is 27 min. If I nap for longer I feel very tired and sometimes wake up with a headache. On the short side it is 21 min. If I sleep less, I don't feel the full benefit.

I also learned how to nap in a car. If I go to work, I just do it during the lunch break. Weekends are easier.

Good luck and share your experience if you find the time. Always helpful to hear from others.
One thing that helped me was to get tested for sleep apnea - something I had no idea that I had in addition to Crohn's. At my worst, I would sleep for about 2-3 hours, then wake up and be awake for an hour or two, then sleep another 2 hours or so. I simply attributed it to being in pain and having to make about 15 bathroom trips a day. I was exhausted all day long and never felt like I was rested. My GP told me to do an at-home sleep study for three days. Turns out, I had severe sleep apnea and was prescribed a CPAP machine. I was skeptical of it, but after wearing it for a few weeks, I started to feel more rested. I also added 10mg of melatonin to my evening regimen about an hour before I lay down. This helped me to fall asleep, but I still woke up about every 3 hours, so my GP added 10mg of doxepin to my medication regimen. After independently researching the doxepin, I gave it a try and it helped with the middle of the night waking.

My sleep problems are now minor compared to what they were. Sometimes you have to be persistent and pursue multiple avenues to find the solution you are looking for.