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Hello everyone. My name is actually Tonya. I’m a 47-year-old female, married last year after 10 years of being on my own.
In 2018 I almost died of an E. coli infection with sepsis and colitis all in one huge illness that landed me in the hospital for several days. The only reason I was allowed to go home when I did was because I didn’t live alone, my 16-year-old sons lived with me at the time.
Ever since that illness I’ve had these terrible bouts of cramping, diarrhea, dehydration, and not being able to eat anything solid. The nausea, even though I’m not vomiting, is overwhelming.
when you has been beg me to see a specialist and so I made the arrangements and saw a G.I. specialist. They still have not given me a diagnosis and won’t do my colonoscopy and endoscope be until November 11. We are very, very sure it’s Crohn’s disease because that runs in the family.
I am extremely knowledgeable about natural healing and actually was a natural healing professional for 15 years of my life. I have found some solutions that seem to be working well for me when I’m in a flare, but I’m still waiting to see if I can get a diagnosis.
I have chosen not to go with medication from the pharmaceutical companies.
I am looking forward to getting to know other people that have been able to manage Crohn’s disease without medication specifically, and I know I will enjoy meeting the rest of you as well. 🙂
How I found the form? I was looking up whether or not I could eat popcorn last night with my husband. Sounds like many of you eat whatever you want when you’re not in a flare which is fantastic. A colonoscopy almost 20 years ago showed that I am severely gluten intolerant so I eat no gluten no sugar no dairy. I am very interested in diet to help manage Crohn’s disease.

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Popcorn ,seeds and nuts are not recommended due to them potentially getting stuck in an ulcer on the intestine .
Before ruling in or out meds you need to get dx by a colonoscopy and imaging to know what damage may have occurred
You can have symptoms of crohns and not have crohns
Sometimes an infection can cause long lasting post infectious gastroenteritis
My non ibd kiddo had this for a very very long time over a year or two
Symptoms can be ugly and still not have crohns
Or you can have next to no symptoms and have severe crohns

My kiddo was dx at 7
Now almost 18
Yes we would all like to control this disease with diet
Occasionally that works
Typically it does not

Exclusive enteral nutrition (een ) is formula only
That has been proven to put crohns into remission similar to steriods
No side effects but you can’t eat solids

Crohns exclusive diet
Cced is a combo of formula and a very restrictive diet -it works for some not many but worth a try with your Gi blessing

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We were very worried my non ibd kiddo had crohns because he was so sick
Thankfully it was “just “ post infectious ibs
Horrible symptoms but better than crohns
No damage

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Have you had bloodwork for inflammation (Crp,ESR ,CMP,CBC )? What did that show ?
Have done a fecal caloprotectin (stool )test ?
What were those numbers ?
I agree you do need a diagnosis. I manage my crohn’s without medication but I do have flares. However they usually take steroids to get them under control. I pretty much follow a plant based organic diet. The scd diet also but not to a T. The longest so far I have gone without a flair on this diet is 4 years. Hoping to get back to that again. Right now dealing with a very mild flair taking 30mg prednisone but tapering down.
Was diagnosed 16 years ago about and went through a lot of medications and surgery. Tried elimination diet, Jordan Rubin diet, European diet, vegetarian diet....all seem to help some.... and for awhile.... but the big bad wolf is always lurking in the intestines. I had a couple year remission with very strict diet alone.....but then the wolf came back....no logic in this disease really.....just keep fighting and hoping for some new medication or cure.