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A new chapter-

Good morning.
I should start by saying this is NOT a 'pitty party' nor meant to be a sad post. I'm merely dropping by to put my last 12 years, and certainly the past 'year from hell' to bed.
The past year has been hard, from memory- 12 hospital admissions, 5 day unit admissions,1 resection, 1 perforated stomach ulcer, 5 colonoscopies, 3 flexi sig's, 3 upper scopes, 2 CT scan's, 2 MRI's, 1 WBC scan, 1 ultrasound, endless x ray's (I glow in the dark). I have failed on numerous meds- or more so, they failed me. I have spents 3 weeks on a ward following a Ciclosporin overdose, and it wasn't deliberate.
Harder than any of that- my fiance of 8 years, decided that he'd had enough last summer and left. I wish it was that easy for us, that we could get rid of this darn disease just as simply.
My journey's been an extreme of high's and low's. It's been hard, but thousands of others out there have it and have had it far bloody harder.
There- time to draw a line under all of this and head to the hospital, and start on the road to a better life..

Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for the support and compassion shown to me since joining here. I have made new friends, and some of you are right up there with the best!
This colon's hours are numbered (3 1/2!!)
There is now light at the end of my dark tunnel- I shall see you all on the 'sunny' side soon.
Be safe, keep well
Andrea xxx
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To save time...Ask Dusty!
...and a partridge in a pear tree!! Wow, what a year Andrea! I know we haven't talked but I have kept an eye on your story. See you on the sunny side!!!
Thanks Dexky. I can't wait to get this show on the road- it's been made so much easier by the support given here.
Who needs a colon anyway? x


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Woohoo, go Welshy! Kick the bloody thing to hell!

Man you are an inspiration hun and deserve nothing but the best. :hug:

Wishing, hoping and praying that all goes wonderfully well and yep, see ya on the sunny side!


Loads of love, luck and squishy hugs, :wub:


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Andrea, best of luck! I hope the operation goes smoothly and you have a quick & easy recovery. Thinking of you and sending virtual hugs!
My thoughts have been with you all day.
I'm looking forward to hearing your review of 2011. It's going to be amazing I'm sure! And the opposite of last year :)


Andrea, I know you are now out of surgery, and probably sound asleep. At least I hope you are sleeping and getting some rest, you need it!

Welcome to the rest of your life...hopefully without pain soon enough! You now have a chance to travel again...(hopefully with me too...I'm a world traveler..bag ladies on the road, look out world!!!)

I thought of you all day today, and I am sure hoping you are now on your road to recovery.

We all hope to hear from you soon as you can let us know you are alright.
Loads and loads of luck and get well soon wishes. Roll on toilet free heaven ! What ya going to do with all that extra time not spent on the toilet?!
Hi Andrea,
The thing I admire most is a survivor.
You have all that in spades!

Fingers crossed for better days for you.
Heck... better days for all Ibd sufferers.

wishing you a swift recovery and lots of sunshine
keep us updated on how you're doing.