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Well one of the nurses on the ward has just brought in a new script for me- an antidepressant. I'm NOT bloody depressed, just a tad cheesed off and am beyond being tired. I did cry on my IBD nurse earlier, trying to explain my frustration and need for answers and a solution to this 13 months of c**p- not too much to ask! This has been interpreted as me being depressed..i'm bloody annoyed now- Do they make a tablet for that?
Glad to have got that off my chest. Now it's time for some more gourmet NHS quisine- and that is an entirely different rant!
Roll on home time.....
Thats horrible that they did not talk to you first to ask if that is something you would want. Again I am not sure of what decision I would make in your position about surgery but I would be frustrated and worried also about what to do also. That does not always mean you need an extra pill because you expressed emotions and concerns. I hope things start to get easier for you and that you can start to feel well soon.
And people wonder why we keep our mouths shut and just suck it in? You have one little tear falling down & they hand you a pill! Hell, a lollipop would have been the better choice.
Sorry you re dealing with ignorance and intolerance.


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Did they specify why they put you on anti-depressants? I have taken several anti-depressants but I never used them specifically as anti-depressants - in loser doses they can help with other things. In the past I took 25 mg of Trazodone as needed, which is an anti-depressant, to help me sleep at night. It worked great, no side effects and no possibility of dependency like some other sleep aids. Now I take 25 mg of Amitriptyline every night, which is a different anti-depressant. I was switched to that one because it also prevents headaches, and I was getting daily chronic headaches from Entocort. It also helps me sleep at night like the Trazodone did, and it supposedly helps calm the guts as well. So I'm wondering if they put you on something like that to help you sleep or calm your guts and just didn't tell you the reason why?

If not, then I agree with everyone above, if they just assumed you're depressed without actually talking to you, then that's a really jerky thing to do and I wouldn't bother taking them. But depending on the med and the dosage, these types of meds can treat a lot of things besides depression, so make sure you find out why they put you on anti-depressants.


Jeez, that was awfully presumptious of them! Have you talked to them about it since? Kinda rude that they assumed you would just want to throw a pill at your problems, and that you even had a problem with depression in the first place!!

Are you going to take it or refuse it??

- Ames
Thanks all. I can see why she thought I was depressed, but in all honesty, it was one of those moments where I couldn't hold it in anymore, and the floodgates opened.
They've been given back, I have no need for them. They weren't anything that were going to help me sleep, but full on meds that may well have left me 'zombiefied'. My body has enough drugs being pumped into it right now, without the need for any additional drugs.
I'll get there- sheer bloody determination will make sure!
Thanks again x