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Abdomen pain relief and fistula

Hello people,

I had chronic lower abdomen pain but now I have a fistula that leaks a lot! The thing is, the more the fistula leaks, the less stomach pain I have. It's the first time in a year that my abdomen/belly isn't hurting like hell.

Is this is a coincidence, or should I think that my fistula is connected to the painful spot in my abdomen, and that the leak works against the [infection/inflammation]?

Or is it because of an internal abscess that found it's way out?

Thank you in advance.
I am not sure. It could be that the pain and the fistula are connected. I hope a doctor can get you feeling well soon.


Staff member
I think you need to discuss this with a doctor, Erbu. It could be that the symptoms are connected to all sorts of things. The sooner you find out what's going on the better. Best wishes, let us know how you are doing.