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Abdominal exercise


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Thanks Dave. I think even I can manage those. :)
No excuses now. I'm going to start straight away. :)
Those are good things to do but you should start with contracting your lower abdominal muscles (the ones in between your hip bones). Once you've done that for a couple days you can do pelvic tilts. There's a BUNCH of different exercises you can do that you wouldn't think would use your abs, but do.

Again, I'm recommending physical therapy. I just started it again on Friday after my Jan 28th reversal/resection and since I did it after the stoma placement surgery, this time around is WAY easier. Its important to wake the lower, deeper muscles first and work your way to the surface and top.
I guess I don't know how to contract the lower abdominal muscles. I've been doing pelvic tilts since before surgery, but am confused on this ^^^.


I like doing the plank for strengthening my core

If you find it too easy you can put your arms on a inflatable exercise ball (even harder is doing that and making circular motions with your arms)
Rest your fingers on the inside parts of both hip bones and try to make yourself feel that muscle. It's sorta like trying to pee but not the same. :)