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Abdominal hernia repair surgery at location of old ileostomy and Remicade....to stop or not to stop?

I did a search online and some articles say that its better to stop it before major surgery, others say that it does not matter, probably here in the forum the topic has been discussed but I could not find the link......


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New York, USA
From what I have seen and heard, try to have any medical procedures etc done around the middle of the cycle of treatment - I'm on an 8 week schedule for Remicade so any surgery etc I should have done as close to 4 weeks as possible...although due to my work schedule at the time I did have elbow surgery 2 week before my infusion with no real issues.....I'd rather have a procedure done closer to the due date of treatment vs. after getting it (6 weeks after vs. 2 weeks after for example)......same thing with vaccines (although that doesn't always work out).