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Abdominal Spasms?

Sorry to just pop in when I've been gone away for so long. It's been a few years now that I have been in remission and I have been doing great. I was dropping in to check threads every once in a while at first, but I felt like staying connected here kept me from truly "letting go". I think all of you can sympathize with this.

Anyway, unfortunately, I have been having some troubles lately. Frequent BMs, rectal pain, my usual Crohn's symptoms and I'm worried that I might be heading into a flare. One weird thing that is unfamiliar to me are these frequent "abdominal spasms". It feels like there is something in my tummy trying to bust out. Just a quick little thump, thump, then it's gone. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Do you know what causes this? I get them every 10 minutes or so starting soon after I eat and lasting about 1-2 hours. Any help is appreciated!


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Hello Cookie!

Please do not apologize you are always welcome on the forum for support! :hug:

First off I want to congratulate you for being able to hold off a flare for as long as you did and your reason for leaving is very common. I would hope that people are able to get to a point that they are well and can go out and experience life again.

Now while it does sound like it could be developing into a flare, have you accounted for foods/drinks/lifestyle and stress in your life as well? Has your doctor ever suggested you have IBS as well? Just something to consider in addition to the possibility of a flare.

I know the feeling of having cramps and urgency right after food, but not necessarily the way you describe. Mine is typically more of a twisting spasm/gurgling/burning hot-poker type of feeling if that makes sense at all :p

Have you called or visited your GI about this yet?
Is there any medication typically prescribed for the pain? I get the spasms and then a pain that causes me to break into a sweat and feel like I might pass out. Then I get chills. Weird. Its never been this bad. Any suggestions?


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sagewoman definitely ask your doctor. Many doctors typically recommend you stay away from aspirin for pain relief but I have heard of exceptions on here such as people using aspirin patches that your doc will prescribe to stick to the site of the pain. That way the aspirin doesn't go directly through your digestive system and aggravate it so much.

Some people also go to pain clinics for assistance. I have heard acupuncture is good for pain management. But definitely talk to your doctor about your pain and how to relieve it so that you don't risk making your crohn's worse than it already is.


I definitely know what you mean by those spasms. It could very well be intestinal gas, it can be quite painful come on suddenly and then just go. I know when my stomach is rumbling those spasms do come on around every ten minutes. Have you tried anything like gas x? Those don't work for me but maybe it will help you.
Thanks for the replies. @ Crohnschicago, yes, I am pretty sure I have some form of IBS as well, but I can generally distinguish. What you described as the twisting/ burning/ hot poker type thing is very accurate for what I am talking about. I often think it's related to gas as well. For now I am going to just keep an eye on it and make sure symptoms don't worsen. ngng, i think you might be right about the gas thing.


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Just yesterday afternoon I at some applesauce and had a gas bubble that was trapped in my stomach and made me feel like someone was stabbing and twisting my stomach with a knife. I could barely walk and my co-workers kept asking me if I was ok because I looked terrible. It was the most painful 45 minutes of my day. That's how long it took to pass, but not without help from burping and vomiting and hot tea to help trigger a release of some of the trapped gas. (sorry if TMI but just wanted to agree with the gas thing and give an example! lol). I feel the hot tea helped the most because it relaxed my muscles. Thank goodness! :p

Good luck on figuring it all out cookie! And yes, if they worsen it wouldn't be a bad idea to call your doctor. :hug:
Thank you for the replies & suggestions.
I found, through research, that Seraquel will reduce spasms and pain. I take this medication for PTSD. It has many uses. Thank goodness I was able to get some relief.