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Abdominoperineal resection

Because I intend to hang on to my stoma as long as possible, I have considered just going for it and having the J-pouch removed and back door closed up permanently. I've seen many people here who have had this surgery having prolonged healing times and issues with infection, so realize this decision is not to be taken lightly.

I am a surgical tech student and currently doing clinical rotations. Yesterday, I participated in this surgery. I thought having a colectomy was hard, but this one takes the cake! I have a whole new respect for the suffering of those who have had this surgery done. My hat goes off to all of you!


Are you having problems though? If it's not broken don't fix it? By no means an easy surgery. I know someone who had it done a few months ago and still healing back there.
That's kind of the point I was making, but wasn't so clear about it. Having seen it done, I better understand why it is so hard to recover from this. If I need it done, I am going to be very selective about who performs it!
I had my rectum removed just over 5 months ago and the wound still isn't completely closed. It's just a tiny opening now, but it's so stubborn. I've been active post-op since my wound vac was removed about 5 weeks after the procedure.

Since you're in med school, if you're interested in seeing what my healing timeline has looked like, I'd be more than happy to share a PDF file full of photos and notes coming from severe perianal disease to a "ken doll butt". :) I plan on doing a full write-up of my experience to share publicly, but that won't be until I'm fully closed up.

Just PM me if you're interested.
Due to cancerous reasons, I had this process done after being given my stoma. The rectum was removed in the first surgery. Then 5 weeks later, the anus was removed. It took close to 6 months for the perineum to be completely dry.

The first month was quite rough. Much pain and the draining was a lot. As a guy, I found it odd to wear female supplies. Though over time, it dried up.