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About me

Hi all. I am new to this site, definitely not new to Crohn's.
I was diagnosed in 1997 after about 6 months of hell - pain, vomiting, d's, no appetite, losing weight all the usual symptoms. My doctors were certain I had IBS, and it wasn't until I mentioned that I had a cousin with some disease called Crohn's (I had no idea what it was back then) that they realised how sick I was. I was rushed to hospital, ended up on very high doses of steroids & mesalazine which didn't work and had my first resection.
After that first surgery I felt great, continued on mesalazine, however I still had regular pain and d's, urgency, occassional blood etc. I had a few major flare up's, was taken off the mesalazine and put onto Imuran. I also ended up with gall stones and had my gall bladder out which led to even worse d's.
Last year my GI found a mass in my abdomen, she put me into hospital immediately and put me on steroids and antibiotics - this was all very surprising as I felt pretty great. I had recently gone on a bit of a health kick, was eating great, had lost heaps of weight (on purpose this time!) so I was just devastated to find out that I had a huge mass of inflammation.
Well, a colonoscopy, MRI, x-rays, blood test etc later, my GI decided that the mass had to come out which I had done early last year. I had a hard time with the recovery, but now am feeling good. Still take Imuran, am now also on Humira. I take questran for the d's which works 90% of the time. Also have asthma, which has gotten a little bit worse since starting on the Humira. I also have the beginnings of arthritis in my hands, elbows and knees which - not too bad at the moment so I am trying aloe vera tablets and fish oil liquid. I also take a few other vitamins - one for my hair and skin as I have hair loss due to the Crohn's and my skin is just awful. Also on three-monthly injections of B12.
Well I think that is about it - have my good and bad days like all of us, but overall I am good. :ysmile:


Hi Paula
and welcome

I'm glad you're doing well, you've defo been thro the wringer!
Enjoy the forum, lots of friends here for you
lotsa luv
Joan xxx
Hi Paula,

Wow, you've had it rough. Hope you get better! Lots of people here can give their support.

Good luck,

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