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About Vedolizumab

Hello!I need some advice.Soon I'll be on Vedolizumab,anyone knows about side effects or risks? Has anyone used Vedolizumab?Any thoughts on this?
Ezio - There are a couple of threads on here started by Shmooda who is participating in a vedolizumab trial. You may want to check those out. Good luck and let us know how you do on the drug.
Hi Ezio! I have been on the Vedolizumab Phase III Study for 10 weeks now. This is the 1st drug I have used in 41 years that has helped me! It is very user friendly. I have had no clinical side effects at all. The only problem I had is that 12 days after the infusion I got nauseated for 2 days. The doctor really doesn't believe it should be related to the drug, but what I am eating. I went from having 10 bowel movements a day down to only 3. That in itself is worth it!! I had breakthrough pain only once, although when I press on the infected area it still hurts. No other side effects!! I love it! If you have any questions please ask me, it seems I am the only person on this medication.