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Abscess eww

Hey Everyone,

I had surgery for an abscess on the left side approx 2 months ago which is giving me no trouble now although I was told its a fistula, and in the last few days have developed almost the same symptoms I originally had 2 months ago though on the right side. I have a doctor's appt tomorrow.

Is it common to have multiple abscesses and so soon?

My Butt Hurts

Hi sam - I know that people on here have spoken of multiple abscesses. I had surgery for a fistula, and it either came back with in weeks or another one started in the same spot. I was put on metro and cipro and then started Humira and then Remicade, which are both supposed to help with fistulas, and I haven't had any problem with it since. So I guess my answer is yes - they can happen so soon. Sorry =(
I have had so many abscesses in the same spot it's not even funny. You need to keep your butt really clean to prevent abscesses. Regular soaks or sitz baths can be really good for your butt to clean the area. I am also taking cimzia right now. Good luck
Hi CD68

Believe me you'll know there is something wrong when you have an abscess as there is pain involved sorry don't mean to sound dramatic about it!!
When my first abscess developed it was incorrectly diagnosed by my GP and only once I was admitted to hospital it was correctly diagnosed they mentioned to me at hospital at the time that it was fairly common and it can happen for no apparent reason. ( My abscess was perianal and presented as a hard swollen lump that was really tender to touch). Initially there was no connection made with the abscess and Crohns Disease which was frustrating. I had three operations in total and some time after the third I experienced excessive diarrohea and went to my GP and that's when the connection was made to CD.
The spot where I had the operation is still tender and a fistula did develop.
Here's hoping that no one has to experience an abscess for an extended amount of time!!
Yup, you really know when you're developing an abscess - it really really hurts.
Two ops down, and at least another to come for me because of a fistula.
I've had numerous abcesses and fistulas. too many to count at this stage, but at a guess I'd say 18-20 over the past 12 years.

So, sorry, but yes, they do come back.
Just before my last surgeory I had 6 (I think) abcesses at the same time in various places.
Jeff D. said:
I have had so many abscesses in the same spot it's not even funny.
Yup. I hear ya. My doc said that fistulas and abscesses are one of the hardest symtoms of Crohn's to control.
Well, got home from the doctor, its officially another abscess, just waiting a a call as to when i can get it taken care of.

As for how you know you have one, I didnt know what it was with the first one, I am new to Crohns and wasnt sure what the heck was going on. But you WILL know something is wrong. It feels like a swollen lump that makes sitting painful kinda of like if you had the worst fall imaginable and landed on your butt.
Aww. Sorry to hear that you have another abscess. Misery must love company, though, because mine has been behaving well since January, but yesterday I could feel it starting to swell up again.

What do your docs usually do to take care of yours? I usually just up my dose of flagyl and let them drain on their own. I have had one surgery for a fistula, but my surgeon said she could not operate when it was abscessed.
aw i'm sorry it turned out to be another one, Sam... i hope the doctors sort you out quickly and get rid of the pain, it sounds awful :(

and you too Shadycat.. hope the meds clear yours up quickly.
Shadycat said:
What do your docs usually do to take care of yours?
Well, right now I was put on Cipro and another drug novo something.
I cant really tolerate flagyl at all, so its another drug like that. I will need surgery for this one as well, being easter weekend they are pretty busy so it'll probably be next week unless it gets worse, then sooner.

Thanks guys, I am actually not feeling as bad as the last one I had so hopefully this one works out better!

My doctors want to start me on Remicade as soon as possible. They also want to put setons (sp?) in. I am concerned the Remicade will affect my ability to heal my current surgical wounds//or the ones being created from the setons.

For those on Remicade, what was your experience on starting this drug, did you have open abscesses/fistula?

My dilemma is if I wait for these to heal I might develop more in the mean time (since I have developed 2 in 2 months)
and if I dont wait and take Remicade I might run into further complications (infection, etc)
I had Infliximab/Remy for my fistulas. It really helped me, I can safely say, it was the best year and half of my life (Crohn's wise)

I can't really answer any question on surgery though, I didn't have any surgery while I was on Infliximab.
hey sam
i had pretty much the same experience as dan as far as remi. it was the best time of my life in regards to the crohns.
right before i started remi i developed my first fistula, which they surgically opened up. then i started on remi immediately and it the fistula cleared up pretty quick!
never developed another abcess or fistula while on the remi, and since i stopped taking it 3 yrs ago, ive had multiple fistulas and one beastly abcess in my colon since.
so in conclusion.....yes! remi was super at taking care of the fistula problem for me.
and as i mentioned, i started it immediately after the surgery for my 1st fistula and did not experience any problems with the healing of the wounds.
I was on Remi/ Imuran, specificly to heal a fistula. My GI said that Remi has been shown to be very good for that. Unfortunately, It did not work for me. But seeing that it has worked for so many others, I would considder giving it a try. I would talk to your surgeon about the timing though. I am not sure if it will affect the healing of your surgical wounds, but I wouldn't think your surgeon would know.
Danman and kello82

What happened that you stopped taking Remicade?

My insurance will only cover 50%, I am applying for a govt program to cover all/some of the remaining.
it started losing effectiveness after a couple of years. i slowly felt less and less better after each infusion.
i had that test done that checks to see if your body has built up the antibodies to the drug and i was pretty full of them.
it isnt unusual for that to happen, but it doesnt happen to everyone either
I had an reaction while getting one of my infusions, my head felt like it was going to explode.

Doc's took me straight off it. :(