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Abscess, fistula, relocation of stoma...Questions

I'm hoping to get some advice for my boyfriend
In December he started getting severe pains in his stomach, by his stoma... he went to ER and they said he had a torn muscle and needed to rest, so he did, the pain carried on so he went back and got the same reaction from the nurses....

Then in January, he went back as he was getting worse, and losing weight, they eventually decided he had an abscess, close to his stoma, and placed him on anti biotics.. no doubt these did nothing, so he had more,,,,again they did nothing...he went back and had a ct scan, they have now revealed he has fistulas throughout his bowel, and the abscess is still raging...so they have said he will need a relocation on the stoma....

He also has colitis in his rectum and stomach, so they have said he may need his rectum removed and part of his stomach.

I'm just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences? Any advice would be great on what to expect, he is 24 years old and has been on infliximab for 3 years.

I have left out a lot of trips to ER etc to keep this short.

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