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Abscess, fistula, relocation of stoma...Questions

Hi I'm looking for some advice

My boyfriend has been abit through the mill lately, to say the least, he was diagnosed with an abscess by his stoma, and fistulas in various areas of the bowel, he also has collitus in his stomach and rectum.

He has been on infliximab for 3 years for his Crohns, but in December started having really severe pains in his stomach.... a few trips to ER and 1000 phone calls later and he finally got a ct scan to confirm all of the above...

He has been told he will have to have his colostomy relocated, and maybe have part of his stomach removed and rectum.

He is 24 years old, and has had his colostomy since he was 16.

The doctors seem abit baffled about how all the has happened while he's been having the amazing infliximab??
Just wondering has anyone been through similar?

Any advice on what to expect with the operations?