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abscess .. Fisutla... Setons... Healing?!

So long story short my fiancé has had two surgery's in the last month for a abscess/fistula and a horseshoe abscess/fistula (6cm long). He was admitted due to being septic with the infection from the abscess's so they were fairly mature as he has been having bum issues since a colonoscopy last year.
The missed the second abscess on his first surgery, they MRI'd this time found the second and drained and he now has two setons in place. He has been discharged home with antibiotics too- which is a blooming improvement on the first discharge... a whole other story!!

Surgery was on 16/5/17 and he still has a "hard" part on his right buttock/crack, it is red and very tender to touch. I have circled the redness to make sure this doesn't track any further but I suppose my question is... Is this normal? Am I being paranoid? Is it just post surgery swelling.... or is this abscess not been drained properly or is it filling up and the sexton not doing it's job?
Also CRP at their highest on 17/5 were 311, on discharge 19/5 they were 64.

Any other helpful advice to do with abscess's fistula's... cleaning, diet, supplements etc would also be much appreciated!

Thank you all.
So we went to ED, then got told to come back in the morning to see the surgeon who had operated. Surprise surprise, we don't see him as he is too busy but we see someone else who "thinks" it's probably just post surgery swelling due to the amount of trauma around his bum! Just to keep an eye on it... exactly what we've been doing. I suppose I'm feeling a little more positive that someone "surgical" has said "No they don't think it's another abscess".

He is really struggling to sleep at night because of the discomfort.. constantly changing from side to side to take the pressure off. he had two tramadol last night as they made him drowsy before but it didn't work.... any idea's for tonight?