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Abscess found during surgery

abscess found during surgery

I had surgery on Tuesday, a Lap bowel resection. They took out some of the large and some of the small, and they told me that there was an abscess (a surprise abscess) that they also took care of. I really have no idea what they did, drained it-lanced, cut it off lol, I have no clue but I do no have a catheter. I am on antibiotics and have been for two weeks now. I am just now starting to feel A BIT better. The gas from surgery is subsiding, the swelling seems to be too but I still have pain on my right side (right of navel, no incision there) I know it's only been 6 days since surgery, and pain is to be expected but he said he was going to keep a close eye on me because I was at a higher risk of infection after surgery due to their findings. I don't really even know what to look for, since I am not sure I had symptoms of an abscess. Any pain to me was crohns associated. I do have this feeling of fullness and eating is a slow process but again, it's only day 6 post op! I am so scared to have to go back due to complications. I honestly thought I was going to die in that hospital! I am also wondering, if they were to have to do surgery for the abscess (I know they can do the drain with the needle too) What would that entail? Going under, and another big cut?? I hate this!
Well done getting through the surgery - it can be really tough when you've been unwell. It's uncommon to have an abscess recur after surgical treatment on it. Try not to worry yourself about it, the antibiotics should take care of any infection.
As you say you're only six days post op, plenty of rest and recovery still on your side. Don't think about possible complications - it's maddening. Think about healing and resting. You've made it through the worst part and you should feel better as each day goes by.
good luck and all the best.

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I agree with Handle, make sure you rest it is so important. Also the sooner you are walking around the better, helps get rid of gas etc. Drinking water is important to flush out toxins. Stressing yourself out over "possibilities" are going to cause your stomach to flare, and it has only been 6 days!!!! Take it slow!
hi I had an abscess last year about 4 cm in size which they treated with IV antiobiotics, I had a follow up CT and it still showed a collection of fluid, I then had the same surgery as you and they said that sorted it completely although it had caused a bit of adhesion and it took them a bit longer to sort it all out. I too was on antibiotics for about 3 weeks and since then I've been fine. Try and trust the doc's they will hopefully have sorted it during the surgery.
Hi Kasey. Unfortunately these surprise abscesses seem to be quite common. I had one show up on a CT scan which I had to see if I had a fistula. A course of antibiotics managed to close the fistula and I thought had dealt with the abscess too, til I had another CT and they said it was still there, but had reduced a lot in size.
Apart from the antibiotics, are you going to be on any other meds post-surgery? Take care and get well soon x
Hi Kacey: I might have missed something, but could you tell us where your abscess was?

It's just that, procedures are different depending on where it's located, and if we knew where exactly yours was, we might be able to offer some advice pertaining to what you might expect.


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Hey Kacey,

Both of my kids have had surprise abscesses during surgery.

Sarah had emergency surgery, undiagnosed at the time, and she had an abscess that had ruptured so had pus everywhere in her abdominal cavity. She had no issues post op with infection and no recurrence of an abscess.

Matt had an abscess they knew about and had a drain in for 3 months pre op for it. But when he had his surgery they found another one adhered to his abdominal wall. He also had no issues post op with infection or recurrence of abscesses.

Since an abscess is a pocket of pus they drain it and if it has a fistula associated with it then that would have been during removed surgery. Both of my children were on antibiotics post op.

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I'm not really sure where the abscess was. I guess I should have asked. I do know that they removed a part of my colon and a part of the small bowel. I thought he said the abscess was hidden somewhere in there? Would that make sense? It's such a blur, they tell you so much as once! I only have a few more days left of antibiotics, which worries me a little. Shouldn't I be on them longer? I'm so paranoid!!
Hi Kacey. I've never had an abdominal abscess removed, but I don't think they drain them. I think usually they have to be removed. However, if your doctor said he "took care of it" it should mean he removed it, and it shouldn't return. The pain could be the portion he cut out.

If it is still there, then you could ask about a laparoscopic procedure. Not a huge slice into your stomach.
I doubt they would have done the surgery and left it there it was more than likely part of the diseased bowel they removed. Don't worry about coming off the antibiotics if you have no signs of fever or infection then the chances are your ok. To you it's all new but to the docs it's just another day at work and generally know what they're at. I couldn't wait to get off them ESP flagyl!!! Good luck and being paranoid is totally normal but try not to over stress about things as it's not good for your health. Concentrate on healing.


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They would have drained and removed the abscess during surgery. It's quite normal to only be on antibiotics for about 10-14 days and that's what the kids had.

Matt was on Flagyl for 3 months post op at the recommendation of the Crohn's specialist. Not because he had issues with abscesses but the specialist said that research showed that it increases your chances of maintaining a longer remission...(((shrug))).

Dusty. xxx
THey want me on remicade. I have to do a TB test first, but they're getting the ball rolling. I'm just wondering how soon they'll put me on it.


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If they want you on it and they are sending you for preliminary tests it sounds like they will start you when it can be organised.

Dusty. xxx