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Abscess or Hemorrhoid?

So I woke up today and felt OK in the morning. I have been having a little bit of constipated (little pellet) stools lately but I don't really strain. Just a little push.
Any way I all of a sudden started feeling a pain in my anal area. I busted out a mirror and saw and felt this little hard grape-like ball right on my anal opening. It hurts alot, especially when I sit. I can push it around a little but its just there. I don't have fever or chills, but am a little tired cause I havent been sleeping much.
I'm scared it my be an abscess. Don't know what to do.


I'm with ya. I am not sure if I am having a gyn problem, an external hemi or possibly an abcess. I am going to call my gyn doc and my GI first thing tomorrow morning.

I suggest you call your doc and have him/her take a look. Better safe than sorry and if it is an abcess, you'll want to get it taken care of ASAP!
Hey guys. Thanks for the responses. I'm still in serious pain but I went to the doctor and he says its a thrombosed hemmie. No garlic (which I eat every day) and no lifting weights for 3 weeks. Sitz bath every day and some hydrocortisone cream. He says it should go away on its own.