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Abscess or not?

So i have what seems to be a pimple/cyst/abscess in my rear end. I feel no pain or discomfort from it. But every couple of hours or so I feel a slight tingly feeling.
Its about the size of pea maybe a little smaller.

I looked up symptoms of a the abscess and none seem to fit this. I had one a long time ago and would like to figure out the issue asap. I would normally just call my GI but its saturday night and i'd prefer not to waste it in the ER if it's just a pimple.

How far can an abscess form from the anus? This thing is a good inch and a half from it.

I also just started remicade if that makes a difference, had my second treatment last monday. Not sure it that makes me more prone to the infection. Making this more likely.


I have an abscess in my butt cheek. I think what you are describing sounds like an abscess. Why do you think it isn't? If its small and it doesn't have to be painful.
well i havnt had one in about ten years.

I always thought they would form closer to then anus then where it is and i figured I would have some symptoms for it.

Should i take it to the ER?

i would hate to get another fistula from it.
I guess it could be benign, meaning not an abscess but a pimple. Having had a history of abscess/fistula I would have it looked at soon. I don't think it warrants the ER but a doc for sure.

Ant other symptoms? Fever, localized pain / redness?
No fever I feel fine for the most part. Jusy some minor discomfort. I plan on going to a doctor first thing 2morrow morning. Hoping for the best. I had an abscess 10 years ago that formed a fistula and the fistula still irritates me occasionally now. Definately dont want another fistula.