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Abscess question

Has anybody ever had an abscess in their pelvic, anal or groin area that has sent a dull pain all the way down your leg?

I just had surgery to repair a rectovaginal fistula with two extending abscesses. Now I think I may have an additional abscess, but I'm not sure. I am not passing gas or stool anymore, so I think that the original fistula tract is closed off from the surgery, but something else is going on, I think. The area between my vag and my butt (sorry, best I can describe it) is killer sore and swollen and hard. I also have a very dull achy pain in my right leg. I still have a lot of drainage (blood, pus and some fecal matter), but it's hard to tell exactly where it's coming from and it may just be from my incision still healing (surgery was 5 weeks ago). My surgeon said it would take 6 to 8 weeks to heal completely and when I saw her at my 3 week follow-up, she said all was well, so I don't want to be an alarmist, but I sort of feel that this is not quite right.

Any insights?

My Butt Hurts

Ugh - I hope it's not another abscess forming. If you feel it's not quite right, especially if it's a new pain or a different area, you might want to have them take another look. My fistula either reappeared or another one was discovered in almost the same spot 9 weeks after my surgery.
Sorry you have something new when you've just been through so much.
If you are in pain and worried about it I would go to the emergency room. At least then they can make sure that you are ok right then and there. When I had my abcess it was at my surgery site at the ileum. When I was in dire pain from the abcess I was not able to move my leg for days after. Even if your surgeon said it would take time to heal, if you dont feel that something is right get it checked out. I hope it works out for you and you start to feel better.
Thanks guys, for the advice. I think something "drained" today (I was peeing and I felt a "release" and a bunch of pus and blood and stuff fell in the toilet...nice, I know). Anyway, it felt better for a while, but now it's hurting again. So, I am pretty sure it's an abscess. I am going to call my do tomorrow. Thanks again for all your help...I'll keep ya posted.