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Abscess still draining

Hey guys

11 days after perianal abscess drainage, it's draining pus and is also bleeding. Is this normal? I was told I have a slight infection then I was told it was just inflamed due to awkward position, then I was told I was Healing well - by three different nurses over a two day period (saw two nurses in one day, then went back the next day as packing had fallen out).

Is it normal for it to be draining pus and slight bleeding 11 days after surgery? If not, I think I might request for an MRI because I've been reading on here that fistulas can be identified by an MRI and not necessarily by a colonoscopy dr.

It is always possible with abscesses that they are linked to a fistula, and so an MRI scan might be a good idea, but don't panic.
11 days after surgery is still fairly soon, and it is definitely possible its just draining from your abscess wound. Mine was draining the whole time it was healing up, and I know for others it was the same.
Hi sweet,
I think you should have a doc look at it,its good that it's draining,because it isn't
Building up inside that's when they start tracking looking for a place to come out,hot baths with Epsom salt helps relieve the site but don't stay in more than 15 mins,I hope you are feeling better soon.im currently going thru same thing with abscess coming out side of my stoma,I'm going to see doc today.Please don't forget that you know your body best !!!

take Jo-b1's advice, the abscess is still active. These things are insidious and tenacious.

I would not hesitate to get this looked at again.

Try to keep the area as clean as possible. Did they prescribe any antibiotics for this?

Good Luck
Mine has been draining like that for 3 months with no end in sight,so its pretty normal.My Surgeon has tried a penrose drain,2 wound vac attempts and packing and not packing it.Nothing worked,it still drains heavily,so much that I have to wear Depends!


Oh how I feel sorry for you guys. You have a long road ahead of you all. I had an abscess draining over a year (!!!) after I had surgery for it. Similar to you Debbie, mine drained so much that I have to wear female pads (I'm a male) because without it the heavy drainage just goes right through my underwear/pants and it looks like I had an accident.
I had an abscess lanced about 9 years ago, it turned out to be linked to a fistula and is still draining today. I developed a second one a year later that burst by itself and the same thing happened.

Remicade helps, but only for the first few weeks after the infusion. After that they tend to open up again. I hope that doesn't happen for you, but it is possible!
Hi guys,
To 723, fistulas can happen anywhere. From an abscessed tooth to all the other organs. And Crohn's can be from the lips to the "end" point. Best to talk to your doctor, especially if it is happening over and over. I waited when my fistula was developing and now it has a nice "pouch" that produces an opening or boil like bump and it appears to be here for a while. I'm going for Remicade soon. I do the aza and cipro thing and it seems to work a while. Take the epson baths like everyone says - it does relieve things, keeps the openings open and cleans things up. I don't use toilet paper anymore, I just sit on the edge of the tub and use a soft shower spray EVERYTIME. Don't use a jet spray cause you will regret this - it will just inflame your hems.