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Abscess symptoms

Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and this is my first post. I have had crohns for 12 years and have currently been on no meds for 3 years and been quite well until recently. I saw my consultant at the beginning of may with a pain in my bum cheek which I had for 2 weeks. He didn't seem to bothered and ordered a mri of my spine, which i had yesterday, as he thinks it's possibly arthritis related, I am not so sure, but he did say if a get a temperature go straight to a&e. This pain has gradually got worse over time, I have a stricture on my right hand side where I've had previous surgery and when I eat it hurts there and then the pain in my bum cheek gets worse. My bowels have been on and off, and i seem to have developed cloudy vision, ive had iritis before but my eyes havent gone red so im not sure if that's related or not. 2 weeks ago I had what felt like a small boil come up in my groin which started to leak and the pain in my bum eased for a week or so and now seems to be back with a vengeance. The top of my leg has swollen up and I have a mass I can grab just below the ligament in my groin, it doesn't hurt. I am struggling to lift my leg and the pain seems to be constant, it is not relieved by walking like my arthritis normally is which is what makes me think it's not that. It's a burning pain and the muscle in my bum cheek feels at times like it might explode and the pain is radiating to my hip, groin and lower back. Does this sound like a possible abscess? My best friends brother had a psoas abscess and his symptoms sound very similar but I'm not one to kick up a fuss if it's nothing and I've just pulled a muscle or something so generally wait until I really need to go to a&e which I know is wrong. Any advice or your own personal experiences with anything similar would be a great help. Thanks x
See doc straight away. Similar thing happened to me several years ago.

Mine was related to a previous fisture removal. My groin was painful, leg swelling, sweating at night.
Seems i was being poisoned from an internal infection from where operation was. ( suture through fisture/ boil )

Anyway see doc, I came good with coarse of strong antibiotics.
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I would go to Emergency as well. My abscesses never caused an appreciable fever. I had symptoms similar to yours. Let us know how you do.
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