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Alright where to start... I just got home from a three day hospital stay. The doctors found a abscess on the outside of my gi track that I have had for over a year now (they looked back on pass ct scans.). However I have been in a really bad flare for the last two months or so. They think that is was is driving the abscess to really bother me right now. I was just wondering what to look out for if this doesn't go away by its self. The doctors don't seem to worried about it but I don't want to wait until it is to late. The doctors say they if it doesn't go down by itself they will go in and take it out. I feel great right now I have 6 around of iv antibiotic, 80 mg of humira, and 60mg of steroids twice a day while in the hospital. Now that I'm out just 60 mg once a day of the steroids. Any be there done that stories would be great!! I want to know anything please.
Well with all my abcesses they surgically removed and then placed a JP tube to drain out any pus or blood.They said they didn't want me to get septic.I know last time I had 2 one and orange size and the other a grapefruit.One of them actually leaked out feces beside my ostomy bag instead of in it.It made small hole in my stomach and drained.I almost became septic then.They actually just did a CT scan on me Thrusday because there is reason to believe I have another abcess.I find out next Thrusday the results
hi britt,
I hope your abscess clears after all that antibiotic. Thats amazing you had it for over a year and didnt know. I have never had one so cant comment but I am glad to hear you are feeling great!


Viv, Thank you for the feedback. I see my gi doctor on Wednesday. I can't wait to see what he has to say about all this. Keona, Thank you for the well wishes. This is the best I have felt in months. I just keep waiting for the pain to come back.
Hi Britt!

I got diagnosed with Crohn's after they found an abscess in my lower right quadrant. I suspect I had had it for at least 6 months before they found it because that's when i started having pains.

Mine was drained with a needle and I was put on IV antibiotics for 12 days. They pulled the drain a couple days before they discharged me as the abscess had pretty much healed and sent me home with 2 weeks worth of antibiotics (Flagyl and Cipro).

The one thing I remember from the surgeon who was working on my case was how strongly against surgery he was. He said it wasn't worth the risk of extra infection. Having that bacteria-filled abscess + cutting my insides and possibly spilling some of it wasn't an option for him. He did not want me to get sepsis. So, they doped me up and stuck a needle in my belly to suck it out. I remember it hurting as they pushed my abdomen to get all the gunk out, but thank goodness it healed up quickly. It was the size of a baseball too. So, if it's possible to get it drained rather than surgically removed, I'd ask about that.

Keep us updated on what your docs say!
I wish I had that opportunity Twilight!They just keep cutting me open because mine get so enlarged they have nothing else to do.The one abcess I had on my rectum is the only one they drained and come to find out they didn't even drain it all the way so I was back in the hospital again to have it drained thus being it still wasn't gone and one of the reason I got stuck losing my colon and my rectum because of internal bleeding for 3 years on and off after that.
I see my Gi in two days. I can't wait. Right now had pain again that sent me to the bathroom. First time for pain since last Thursday. It felt great to be semi-normal for a couple of days. I been having pain straight for two months or so, and working at a day camp where I am always on the move is killing me. Thank god we only have a week and a half left. Hopefully I can make it to the end of camp. Thank you guys for all the info it really helps me understand what I might be up against here. My abscess is only 2 cm. right now. The doctors are hoping it doesn't get any bigger.
I hope for you that you make it through and it doesn't get any bigger.My sister in law is a nurse and she said that it feels like I have another abcess too.So hopefully my CT Scan tells whats up on Thrusday