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I have had three fistulas and three abscesses. can you have an abscess
that's also a fistula??
oh, and because I don't feel like starting ANOTHER thread, do oranges
and other citrus fruits bother you guys? I am soo jealous of anybody eating
an orange right now, but not enough to get another flare. unless it was like
100 oranges or something. ya I know, my priorities are messed up...

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I have never had a fistula but I heard on another thread they can abcess. Abcess's are like boils in your intestines and if broken inside they can cause Peritonitis with is a poison, that means it should never be left untreated. I am sure others will see this who do have fistulas.

As for citrus, I am a hit or miss, but most citrus are acidic and can cause D or heartburn. Hey we all have cravings we just have to decide how they affect us, if it is worth it lol. :(
I didn't know that. But my abscesses always explode. But they aren't
in my colon, they r in my butt. well it exploded by itself once, and twice
during a surgery they exploded it for me. and then they put in draining tubes.
ooooh new thread idea!!!
and thanks sooooo much!!!


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Sorry, I answered your other thread before I saw this one...Yes, If the fistula isn't allowed to drain, an abscess will form. I saw you had drains placed in the other thread. Were they Seton drains??? They keep the fistula track open so the fluid can drain and not form the abscess. I would assume the surgeon is having you irrigate with saline to keep the area clean from any debris or even fecal matter that may be in the area. Wow, I can imagine it is sort of like self torture. I hope this answer helps.
Thanks popcorn!!
I had two setons (drain) and one mallicot (i think thats how you spell it)
to squirt with saline. I get so scared of putting saline in myself.
it ruins my day because i'm always like "oh ya, i have to put
saline in today" and i start getting sad.
I can imagine how that would put a damper on your day...I work as an LPN and i always imagine irrigation must be so uncomfortable for my patients. Hopefully things get better for you soon, it sounds like it's been a long road.
A fistula is an abscess that has wormed it's way to other organs, or the outside world. You can also get a fistula from an ulcer that hasn't abscessed - ie just a straight tract, and an abscess without a fistula.

Seton's suck. But fibrin glue rocks! - so far, crosses fingers toes and everything that'll cross...