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Absess tooth, waiting on remicade

absess tooth, waiting on remicade

I have been approved for remicade. Now, with my luck, I have an abscessed wisdom tooth which i was treated for with penicillin. Penicillin is done, and I still have an abscess. i can't get in to see the dentist for an extraction for another 2 weeks. i am not really sure who I can even talk to about this, who can speed this up for me. There is an emergency dentist on call in my city, but I'm not sure if they'll do it for me, is this emergency enough for them? Maybe I just have to wait it out, even more. I am experiencing many new crohns symptoms lately, and I am getting a little desperate! I go back to work next week and now with these new symptoms (emergency "D') I am sooooo nervous to go back. Anyone else had to wait for an infection to pass before remicade. What's the worst that can happen if you have an infection and have remicade anyways? I am not considering this, nor would they do it for me at this point anyways, but just curious
I would think it would be an emergency, as an infection like that can get into your bloodstream if not cleared up....I would call your dentist again, and if they can't do it call the emerg. guys or call around town.
Sorry, but i can't help with your remicade questions. :(
Yes Kacey -call the emergency dentist and tell them that you have a chronic illness and can not start a much needed medication until this has been cleared up and that your disease is getting worse.

You definitely do not want to start Remi with something like that in place - you need to be clear of all active infections. They ask you this question every time you have Remi for a reason - to protect you. It reduces your immune system (albeit only certain cells are affected) and therefore can put you at risk for worse infection. I'd get that tooth taken care of asap so you can start Remi asap - and I hope the Remi kicks in quickly for you. It did for me!!


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I agree with the gals above^....Even call your dentist back and explain what is going on. Perhaps they will squeeze you in.