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Absorb plus fistulas

I have been dealing with some pretty bad fistulas since March of last year. I have four setons that drain and hurt all the time, but very little else in terms of active symptoms.

I'm on the GAPS diet, Humira, and Ldn. Nothing is working.

I ordered some absorb plus.

Has anyone had fistulas heal on absorb plus or other elemental diets? If so, how long did you do it for?


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Fistulas can be very challenging. I know there are people here who have had success with remicade.

SSending you my support.
For me it's augmentin and prednisone until something else works.
I ve used the absorb plus but only for 3days. It's a good product.
I am like you keeping that option in mind if it comes to that.
Also Use their wild Oregon oil with it in place of antibiotics.
The gaps diet is also very healing or so it seems for me.
Good luck