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Absorbing calcium and low salt/potassium

Just got back from Dr. Whiteley's (PCP) to review my bone density I now have osteoporosis and on 70mg generic fosamax and lactaid tablets, because he is concerned of the possibility of lactose intolerance issues, because he wants me to continue drinking three 12 ounces of milk a day and the same two calcium +D3 three times a day and continue sitting outside with my back against the sun for ten minutes and supposedly I am not able to absorb calcium even with the +D3 and the sun due to crohn's. My salt and potassium is off , and so I am restricted on fluid intake three 12 ounces milk, 4-28 ounces water and 8 ounces of cranberry juice and 24 ounces of tea and also one medium-large banana in the morning with my yogurt.
That's ridiculous there's plenty of sources of calcium without trying to digest something you can't tolerate which will just lead to worse deficiencies in other areas, you need a new doctor.


Things like kale, eggs, sardines, white beans etc. Drop the milk and the doctor.

There's also calcium citrate supplements, it's debatable whether the calcium in milk is even bioavailable to humans.