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Accelerated aging

accelerated aging

I apologize in advance for asking about a trivial matter compared to the much bigger problems that we deal with every day, but maybe someone has had similar problems and some advice. My first symptom of Crohn's began two years ago and it was that I was aging seemingly overnight. I've never been particularly vain and looked like the middle-aged woman that I am, which was fine by me, but suddenly, I looked older every day. Friends agreed that it wasn't my imagination - one joked that I looked like one of those before and after avoid crack advertisements (real funny, huh). Anyway, I bought some drugstore cream but there were still new wrinkles and sagging every day.Then, I started to get weird hive like swellings that would come and go, especially on my joints and when I went to be fingerprinted for my job they couldn't because my finger pads are so wrinkled. I had my hormones checked and all was good, blood work just showed very low vitamin D. I had some joint pain and the rheumatologist said that she didn't know what it would be, but she thought I would be diagnosed with some sort of autoimmune disease within the year. Meanwhile, I had absolutely no digestive issues. A few months later, I became ill with what I thought was a stomach flu, but turned out to be Crohn's. I thought that once I was on treatment the aging would go back to normal, but it hasn't. I wonder if this means that the disease is still taking an abnormal toll on me. If anyone knows of a miracle cream that will help me let me know. I know that it's a petty concern compared to all of the other problems we have, but I think I could handle my "diaper days" a little better if I didn't look so haggard all the time.
Hey Tina :)

I am nt sure I have noticed accelerated aging personally, but I can imagine if the body is actively fighting inflammation it is not absorbing vitamins and nutrients as it would normally. We often don't think about how vitamin deficiencies can affect our body. Have you thought about investing in some quality supplements to make sure you are getting your appropriate intake? That is very important for Crohnies. Vitamins help all sorts of things like hair loss, energy, good bone and teeth health, ability to fight off mouth sores, and aging of the skin. You may want to specifically look into vitamins that help fight against free radicals (antioxidants) and help with the regeneration of skin, which are the things that age our skin due to sun damage. Examples of these are vitamins A, B, C and E. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day and using sunscreen as well.

I don't think there is an overnight, miracle cream, but if you make sure you are taking care of your body in these natural ways you can slow down the aging process even further. :) Hope that was helpful!
I just noticed you are from Florida too! :) I am a native Floridian that moved to Illinois a few years ago.

So, you definitely need the extra protection against all that Florida sunshine! ;)


Yeah, totally agree!
I don't go out in the sun without sun factor boiler suit! And that's in the UK!
The sun is sooooooo ageing, especially the decollete and hands, which is irreversible.
The neck and hands is a dead give away to how old you are!
Cover up! Especially in Florida!


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I haven't really noticed a change in my skin (we don't get out in the sun much this time of year here in Wisconsin!), but right around the time I first had symptoms (which would have been just before I turned 30), I noticed gray hairs for the first time. My family does not go gray at a young age typically - my mother didn't go gray until her 40s and my father just started going gray in his mid/late 50s, so to find gray hairs at age 29 was a shock for me! But it makes sense, the stress on my body is showing itself in my hair. Neither of my parents have an illness like this so they didn't go gray until later on. Oh well, I've gotten pretty good at coloring my own hair now so nobody can tell that I'm graying.
Tina - the hives are a definate auto immune response which will be linked to the crohns, I get chronic urticaria (hives) regularly and look terrible when I get them but I look ok once they've calmed down. Maybe it's just taking a little while for your body to adjust.

A couple of years ago I read about a girl who had a facelift in the UK on the NHS because she had became so haggard looking due to suffering with crohns! I know what my doctor would tell me what to do if I asked for one of them!

Joan - if the neck and hands are a dead give away to how old you are, I'm gonna wear wooley gloves and a scarf even in summer and keep them guessing, hahaha :)



Hahaha Paula! I'm with you - my hands look horrible!!!

Tina - I agree with Marisa about taking good general care of yourself and make sure you are getting and absorbing all your vitamins and nutrients.

And good makeup!

I am 26 and I've had wrinkly skin since I was born. Darn genetics. It's awful when my skin is really dry too. Looks like I've got the hands of an 80 year old woman! :(


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My skin has changed a little. I think it has become more sensitive in general. I have always had freckles, but I'm noticing more popping out. Even my arms are becoming freckled.
Oxidation, and inflammation work together to age the body. These are two big components involved with Crohn's. The first person I saw in the hospital that had Crohn's, looked twenty years older than his actual age. That scared the heck out of me.

Fish or Krill Oil will help the skin and reduce oxidation. Most people do not get enough Omega three fatty acids to begin with. Antiinflammatory supplements such as Magnesium Malate can help, along with Ginger, Turmeric, Pycnogenol etc.

There are many ways to slow down oxidation, and inflammation at the same time, and most any of them have the potential to help with Crohn's symptoms as well.



Tina, I have aged rapidly in the last 6 months. If it wasnt for Mary Kay serious moisturizers, who knows what I'd look like! I'm in the UK, so sun wasnt the issue I can tell you! I'm trying to take supplements now as I know I'm not getting the right nutrients. The skin on my WHOLE BODY was dry and flaky as well, serious problems with my entire system. (course, I ended up with emergency surgery and a temp stoma) Our skin is the largest organ in our body dont forget. So when that is doing something, we need to pay attention....it's NOT just vanity! Aging rapidly should be taken seriously. I hope you find something that helps you! (Thread lifts are an option I'm looking into....not invasive and it IS a face lift girls!!)