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Hello new to the site very informative, and helpful . My question is I've had a couple accidents while sleeping . Has anyone else experience this? Very humiliating and embarrassing . Luckily my girlfriend understands and loves me unconditionally.


Naples, Florida
Hi Bonzo,

Welcome to the community. It sounds like you have an amazing girlfriend :) I'm so happy for you!

Unfortunately, some people do experience some accidents from time to time.

Out of curiosity, do you feel like your Crohn's is under control? Are you having any symptoms? And what is your current treatment regimen?

All my best to you!
I was diagnosed 3 yrs ago, but have had problems longer than that about 8yrs. I was prescribed Lialda, funny side effects, then Asacol but that too made me feel weird. So I take nothing. My situation is not that bad, so I deal with it. I have never experienced pain. My problem is constant watery BM . Very rare I have solid BM. Some days are good, some days not so good. With that I mean a good day is going 3times a day, bad day much more. I eat everything and use to drink alcohol . But to say that one particular food or beverage is a trigger can't say. I think stress and anxiety did it for me. Not eating regularly also. I also had lymes disease which I read it's a probable cause for crohns. Don't know. My worry is having another accident while sleeping.
Yes! I know what you mean... For me personally it's like once I open my eyes I MUST run to the bathroom... I wonder if it's a psychological thing... Does your symptoms get worse during the night time too? Do you use the bathroom more often then as well?
Hello persevere!! It's like psycho somatic . But I've had a couple incidents while sleeping in bed. Very very rare. But embarrassing and humiliating . I jump out of bed and my girlfriend freaks out. I don't like sleeping over people's houses , and when I travel and stay at hotels I worry . But other than that I live a normal life.
Well Bonzo, I'm glad she's very understanding! You got lucky!

Well I am 21 and I pretty much was diagnosed with colitis my first month into college as a freshman. Eventually I got pretty bad, switched doctors and I was diagnosed with Crohns. At the moment I'm just trying to live a "normal" college life as well as deal with my issues at the same time. This summer I plan on focusing more on my health because it's really difficult. Treatments are not working for me. For some reason it seems like once it hits night time my symptoms are always horrible. I barely ever get sleep because of it and I'm always tired. I live with roommates saw well. They know that I have a medical condition but they don't really know exactly what it is. I've never really found the way to talk about it with my friends. It's difficult. However, I'm becoming more open about it with my roommates.
What's your story Bonzo? I'd love to hear it!
Well first of all I'm open about my crohns. Although I read some of the posts here, I don't have it that bad. But crohns effects everyone differently. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. The more people know the more they understand . One of the symptoms I get is stiffness. Once in a while , but that's it. I can eat something today and tomorrow be ok. Eat the same thing next day and have opposite reaction . So I think stress and anxiety definately has something to do with it. I was given meds at first but it's de me feel weird . Given something and that too made me feel weird with no guarantee it would work. The only thing guarantee is the side effects . I smoke marijuana and it helps me .