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Acid Reflux, Gerd, and Ranitidine

Hello everyone. I know this isn't exactly Crohns (which I also have) but I wanted to get some advice on my issues. I have always had bad acid reflux and taken pantoprazole for years. I caught a bad bug a few years ago and was throwing up for hours and after that the acid reflux got worse. My stomach burned and my espophagus. Eventually I tried ranitidine and that made the problem significantly better. I still had to watch what I eat but it was more or less not a problem. Well ok that's not the complete truth. I would wake up periodically with acid in my throat choking (which is horrible). But that became more rare and was usually cause maybe I ate something that I shouldn't have.

Anyway as many of you probably know they recalled ranitidine a few months ago. Because I was doing well enough I wasn't that worried. I had went from taking it twice a day to once a day to once every two days or so. Well turns out ranitidine was doing a really good job. I tried famotadine and nexium and tagamet and none of them worked half as good as ranitidine. I finally convinced my doctor that I needed ranitidine and he gave me prescription. It has been about five days or so and hasn't been working as well as it did. I still need to supplement it with other things to get through the day (mylanta, tums if it's really bad). I was wondering did they change the formula at all because of the recall? I am probably just being impatient and overly concerned.

I also wanted to ask can crohns affect the fairly constant sour/burning stomach I have had. It has honestly been hell. I eat only to calm the burning a bit, crackers and that sort of thing.