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Acid Reflux or GERD

I just watched a very short video about acid reflux and GERD.
I always thought they were the same thing, but I guess they aren't ?
I always tell doctors I have "acid reflux."
Can these 2 things be diagnosed after an Endoscopy is performed ?

And so "heartburn" is not related at all to acid reflux or GERD ?
The video said our heart is on top of the esophagus, I believe, so that is why we call it "heartburn."

Well, then there is the upper and lower esophageal sphincter......🤔

The anatomy video I watched uses real cadaver body parts. It's interesting to see what the inside of the stomach looks like and how big the stomach really is. 😳

Good Night 💤
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"Heartburn" is a misnomer because it has nothing to do with the heart. It's just another name for acid reflux. GERD is basically a more severe and long lasting form of acid reflux. They are part of the same continuum. Both are created by stomach acid back-flowing into the esophagus. Milder and occasional = heartburn or acid reflux. More severe and happening all the time = GERD.