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i got my script today:)

called the compounding pharmacy, asking for prices, she asked if i wanted it done with a base of acidophilus?

do i? or doesnt it matter?


oh, and she said its going to be $86au for 100 tablets, is that about on par with what you guys pay?
Yes, Acidophilus would be the proper filler. Also make sure they do not use slow release LDN, if that is the drug being compounded.

It is better to get it from one of the approved compounders listed on the low dose naltrexone web site. But I suppose there is non in Australia.

I do not know the currency conversion but my prescription is about $36.00 U.S. per month. I could get it for a little less from Skips pharmacy, but I am reimbursed for it anyway, and I like "The Compounders" service.

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