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Acute Pancreatitis and Crohn's? Can pancreatitis go away on its own?

I've had acute pancreatitis once before, about a month after taking Imuran. I could feel it for a full week before they finally diagnosed via CT.
That was about 5 years ago.

I've got that pain in my right side/back that feels like I was punched. Nausea comes and goes. The pain gets worse when I eat.
No fever. Been going on for a few weeks.

It might be nothing. (*If I hit a pain level 7, I will go to the ER.)

I don't like the 10 point chart. I have 3 basic levels.
-Pain that's there that I can ignore, like the hum of a highway near your home. Always there, but you don't really notice it.
-Pain that is distracting but tolerable.
-Pain that is not tolerable.

This has been hanging around for a few weeks. The past 2 days, it amped up to the next level. Felt the wrap-around pain. It was very distracting yesterday after eating nonfat yogurt for lunch.

I had my Inflectra infusion on Tuesday.
I have messaged my doc to keep him up to date. But it's Friday of a holiday weekend. And this is not an emergency, so I don't expect to hear back today.

As I see it, I have a few options:
-Urgent Care. They can't do much besides run labs, maybe get me sick, and cost me money.
-Emergency. They could order a CT, but I'm not in that much pain at the moment, so the test might not show anything, they might think I'm crazy, and it would definitely cost me money. And maybe get me sick.
-Do nothing. I'm eating light, staying hydrated, and paying attention to any changes.

I don't know what caused this.

Has anyone ever gotten pancreatitis from a biologic?
Can acute pancreatitis go away on its own?